Welcome to Auxiliary

Thank you for your interest in the Northside Hospital Cherokee Auxiliary volunteer program. We welcome your interest in becoming a part of our wonderful group of volunteers.

Our 2018-2019 goal this year is TEAMWORK. We have been blessed by our new facilities and thus blessed with new opportunities of service to our hospital staff, patients and visitors. New areas of need and service arise every day, as evidenced by our increase of volunteers from 100 to 220 people since we moved into our new facilities. All walks of life are coming together as a TEAM to serve others. We don’t know why people enter our hospital - be it illness, treatment, additions to families, visits to family or friends - but we as volunteers are there to help with a touch on the shoulder, a smile or a “How may we help you?” We are here to show care and compassion.

Come join our team and be blessed.

Bob Bigelow
TEAM Leader
Auxiliary President, 2018-2020